martes, octubre 13, 2009

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Me encantó el video y siempre me uno a estas causas ecologistas, además puedes bajar gratis este super ochentero éxito de midnight oil
"Climate change is the greatest humanitarian challenge facing mankind today. And it is a challenge that has a grave injustice at its heart. It is the major developed economies of the world which contribute the overwhelming majority of global greenhouse emissions. But it is the poorer and least developed nations that are hit hardest by its impact. By downloading the song, people from around the world will add their names to this growing global petition, and together we will create such a noise our leaders will listen:"

Entra en para unirte a la justicia con el ambiente

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acoolgirl dijo...

Ojalá, con este tipo de inicitivas, se consiga cambiar un poquito el mundo :)